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Abed Hammoud

Former federal and state prosecutor Abed Hammoud has spent more than two decades building a reputation as a principled and well-respected attorney. His no-nonsense style and sense of fairness have enabled him to build key and trusted relationships across the legal community including judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, and colleagues. His unique background and work experiences, combined with his professional acumen, make him rare among private practicing attorneys in Michigan.


Knowing how and when the system works is a game-changer

With over 23 years of experience at the state and federal levels prosecuting white collar, financial, money laundering, public corruption, violent crimes, and other types of cases, Abed Hammoud has built a reputation as an effective and respected attorney. The key to his success is his naturally analytical and strategic mind combined with his college degrees and experience in engineering and business.

He credits his keen “people perception” and intuition to his unique life experiences and necessity to adapt to succeed. Abed has a special way of connecting with judges, juries, witnesses, and other lawyers, which enables him to achieve the best results for his clients.


Credibility is capital

Across the legal community from judges and law enforcement to prosecutors, and to other defense counsels, Abed is recognized as a straight-forward and trusted colleague. His no-nonsense style and work ethic are well-known in a world where gimmicks and games can often backfire. His reputation and credibility will be your capital, when you need it most.


Results and relationships matter

Results and relationships are very essential in the legal community. Guesswork has no place when your future and freedom may depend on the outcome, making proven and trusted representation paramount. Abed has been immersed in the criminal justice system for a long time. He knows the process and the people which allows him to effectively get the best results.

“For many years, I have worked on behalf of the government furthering justice at the state and federal levels…now, I am prepared to bring my full experience and skills to fight on behalf of individuals who find themselves in the crosshairs of the law. I know how the system works, and I will make it work for you.”

-Abed Hammoud, Esq.

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